Kath Murray Ladies Pairs Results

The preliminary rounds produced some excellent bowling and the following pairs are through to the semi-finals to be held on Finals Day in January 2019

Andy Olsen & Loraine Jones

Maggie Wooley & Jacky Brittas

Carole Hicken & Alison Farkas

Jenny Vaughan & Doreen Thompson

FIRS Bowling Competitions 2018

Ladies Pairs  Wed 21st March  entries by 5th March

LLoyds Cup  Friday 13th April

Mens Pairs     Wed 18th April    entries by 10th April

Open Pairs      Wed 10th October  entries by 1st October

Triples         Wed 24th October  entries by 4th October

Singles         Wed 14th Nov  entries by 1st November


Results from Bowls Finals 2017

Some excellent bowling that was exciting to watch
Kath Murry ladies pairs semi-finals
Pauline Huges & Janet  Cowdrill
                      v                                    Winners.  P Huges & Janet Cowdrill
Jenny  Vaughan &  Doreen  Thompson
Helen  Hill  &  Jill  Backhaus
                 V                                                      Winners.  Helen  Hill  &  Jill  Backhaus
Marry  Martin   &  Lorraine  Jones
Abernethy open pairs
Richard  Law  &  Bob Witherford
                     v                                    Winners.  R Law  & Bob Witherford
Alan  Davies  & Paul  Cotterill
June  Bott   &  Joan  Broadfield
                  V                                                    Winners.  June  Bott  &  Joan  Broadfield
Marry  Martin  &  Maggie Lloyd Charles
Ken  Foster singles
Trevor  Dodd  v   Jean  Cartwright            Winner  Jean Cartwright
Paul  Cotterill  v  Richard  Law                Winner  Richard  Law
Ken  Kirby  triples
Alan  Davies                Jim   Bates                           Jim  Bates
Ralph Burton        V     John  White           Winners   John  White 
Lesley  Parkes             Len   Roberts                       Len   Roberts 
Graham  Watson         Richard  Law                          Richard   Law
Trevor   Dodd        V     Bob  Witherford      Winners    Bob   Witherford
Carole   Hicken            Roy   Tittley                           Roy  Tittley
Kath  Murry ladies pairs
Pauline  Huges           Helen  Hill                 Winners    Helen  Hill
Janet  Cowdrill     v     Jill  Backhaus                            Jill   Backhaus       10  /  3
Ken  Foster  singles
Jean  Cartwright    v     Richard  Law              Winner     Jean  Cartwright      8  /  6
Abernathy  open  pairs
Richard  Law                June   Bott                                Richard  Law
Bob  Witherford    v       Joan   Broadfield        Winners    Bob  Witherford      19  /  4 
Ken  Kirby  Triples
Richard  Law                  Jim  Bates                               Richard  Law   
Bob   Witherford    V       John  White             Winners    Bob   Witherford     13 / 11
Roy  Tittley                     Len  Roberts                           Roy   Tittley