Keep Fit / Tai Chi

No matter your age it’s important to keep as supple as possible. FIRS currently offer both traditional “Keep Fit” and Tai Chi sessions, and you need no experience of either to join in. Come along, challenge yourself and feel good again.

Tai Chi

Is a form of Chinese martial arts both for defence training and health benefits. There are many forms of tai chi, our sessions involve teachingthe ‘hand form’, which is a series of slow movements. Throughout Asian history the concept of ‘chi’ energy in the body is widely accepted and believed. Tai chi promotes the smooth flow of this energy through our channels in our body and is believed to give longevity. As well as this Tai chi promotes flexibility, suppleness and will exercise your muscles.The slow and smooth postures also help in relaxation and keep your mind at focus.

Please give the session leader a call before attending a session- some are completely full, and the others filling fast. Contact details are on our timetable pages.

Keep Fit

These groups involve more the more traditional physical exercises aimed at suppleness and general fitness- but are also enjoyable and relaxing.

Equipment needed for session

Pair of ‘suitable’ shoes (light, flat and flexible), socks and exercise mat for ‘Keep Fit’, ‘Tai Chi’ and ‘Yoga’ sessions.For more information on equipment contact the leader of the sessions shown on our timetable pages.


  • Oliver Bird Hall (Tai Chi)
  • Hobs Moat Assembly Room (Tai Chi)
  • The Fordbridge Centre (Tai Chi)
  • The Fordbridge Centre (Keep fit)
  • St. Barnabas Church Hall (Keep fit)