Dancing is a great way to socialise, and make friends. It is a fun activity giving a reason to “dress up” and it keeps you fit. Even if you’re “sitting out” there’s plenty of chat and a “cuppa”.

For more information to see if you are suitable for these sessions contact the leader of these sessions by going on to our timetable pages.

Sequence Dance

Do you remember “The St Bernard’s Waltz”, or “the Gay Gordons”? These are sequence dances – where everybody together repeat a reasonably simple sequence of movements. Whilst the steps are basic “ballroom” movements, knowledge of Ballroom is not essential, and these dances- enjoyable as they are- can lead you into other forms.

Dancing 50/50

Primarily an even mix of sequence and Ballroom dances.

Social Dance

A mix of Line Dance, Sequence and Ballroom. Something for everyone!

Equipment needed for sessions:
Pair of light, flexible — usually leather soled — shoes.

It is a chance to dress up if you wish but not a requirement as the most important thing is to join in and enjoy!!



  • Knowle village Hall
  • Hobs Moat Assembly Room
  • The Fordbridge Centre
  • St. Barnabas Church Hall
  • Arden Hall, Castle Bromwich