The FIRS network of clubs offer members many different activity sessions for you to participate. The main goal of each of our activity sessions is to provide the encouragement and platform for you to build long lasting friendship amongst our members. The activity sessions offers you the chance to communicate and socially interact with your new and old friends. This works! A lot of our members not only learn a new skill by participating in these activities but remain lifelong friends; this is why we are the biggest recreational retirement club in Solihull, have over 1450 members and is continually expanding. FIRS activities not only aim to teach you new skills and how to stay healthy and active but offer sessions which allows you to be in tip-top healthy condition. At any age you need to be physically and mentally fit, FIRS provides all the sessions you need for this.

Our activity sessions  cost from  £1.20 to attend. The costs are kept low as we are all volunteers. All the proceeds go to our costs- for example hall rentals. We are not here to make profit. We are a registered self-funded non-profit charity.

So why not come along to one of FIRS activity sessions to try out something new and meet new friends. For more information on how to do this go to our ‘contact us’  page.

Current activities/sessions offered:

  • Short mat bowling
  • Keep fit/ Gentle Exercise/Tai chi
  • Art/painting
  • Language
  • Card Games
  • Badminton
  • Dancing
  • Table crafts
  • Singing
  • Pilates
  • Others

For more information on where and when these activities are held go to our timetable pages.